What Holding Your Breath Does To Your Body
What Holding Your Breath Does To Your Body
What Holding Your Breath Does To Your Body

What Holding Your Breath Does To Your Body - Seeker

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Video description
Is holding your breath bad for you? And did you know that you can hold it longer underwater than you can on land?

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Ask Smithsonian: What's The Longest You Can Hold Your Breath?
"Olympic swimmers seem to be able to go great distances without breathing, but that is primarily due to aerobic conioning, says Cowl. Those athletes are more efficient at getting oxygen into the tissue and extracting carbon dioxide. That allows them to breathe more effectively, and potentially, improve their breath holding."

Why Do I Feel Lightheaded When Bodybuilding?
"The lack of oxygen intake while performing a strenuous action almost instantaneously causes the heart to beat faster, causing higher blood pressure. The heart does this to deliver the oxygen the body needs to complete the action."

How The Dive Reflex Extends Breath-Holding
"Second, the diving reflex makes capillaries in the skin and limbs constrict, redirecting blood away from the body's surface and toward the vital organs. This shift saves more oxygen for the brain and heart, but to a degree it also seems to fortify the torso against the crushing effects of water pressure at great depth. Moreover, it helps to preserve the body's core temperature in icy water."


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Written By: Jennie Butler

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Today we are practicing holding breath and breathing out under water. To get good at anything it takes practice and repetition so some days we just go to the pool to practice and learn new things. But even then we find time to have a bit of fun. Relaxing is a key part of holding your breath. If you can practice good relaxation techniques then you will be able to hold your breath longer under water. My name is Elizabeth. I started swimming when I was just a baby. I swam across the pool for the first time when I...

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