What Etruscan Sounded Like - and how we know
What Etruscan Sounded Like - and how we know
What Etruscan Sounded Like - and how we know

What Etruscan Sounded Like - and how we know - NativLang

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I'm animated about language! The history of written and spoken languages amazes me. I use stories and cartoons to bring linguistics to life. Think about it... Where do the world's writing systems come from? Does your language shape the way you think? What will Future English be like? How do you crack undeciphered scripts? What's the Latin word for jumbo jet? Subscribe for language! Playlists: 2016 ~ My favorite tales from the history of languages and writing systems. 2015 ~ Thoth's Pill highlights my Year of Writing! 2014 ~ I explain linguistic oddities in "Figuring Language Out" 2014 ~ I traveled through the eyes of local languages in "Eavesdropping Traveler" 2013 ~ I asked big questions in "What is human language?" 2012 ~ I started with linguistics & logic lessons. Pretty technical. But technically not as pretty. YOU are a big deal to me!

Video description
Italy's lost language? They gave Rome the alphabet, but we hardly know them. Here's how we pieced together the extinct language of an early Italian civilization.

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~ Briefly ~

A strange Egyptian mummy was found in the 1800s. Its bandages were filled with the letters of a book - not an Egyptian book, but a book written in an archaic Italian language known to Romans as "Etruscan". The book held a deeper mystery beyond the question of its provenance: it couldn't be read, not because the text was undeciphered but because the language was unknown.

Throughout the video we'll discover what we can (and can't) say about Etruscan sounds and words. You'll glimpse bits of Etruscan consonants, vowels, grammar, syllables, accentuation and one major change in the language's history. Along the way, I'll share tales of the hopes and frustrations of the scholars who worked through these discoveries. Finally, you'll hear the reconstructed pronunciation of an Etruscan phrase, along with a likely translation, before concluding we're still far from understanding this captivating tongue.

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