Twin Strangers - Unrelated Identical People
Twin Strangers - Unrelated Identical People
Twin Strangers - Unrelated Identical People

Twin Strangers - Unrelated Identical People - TheTalko

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Video description
Amazing stories of twin strangers who found each other randomly or through the Internet!
Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they mention, “You look so familiar.  Have we met before?”  Maybe you have been walking down the street, watching TV or flipping through a magazine and you spot someone makes you do a double take because they look similar to you.  Like really similar. You may have just found your doppelgänger.

A doppelgänger is an apparition or double of a living person. A person you have never met and who is not related, but looks exactly like you. According to researchers, the chances of finding your real-life double are very slim. A PhD student at  the University of Adelaide School of Medicine, Teghan Lucas, conducted a study using a combination of facial metrics and found that the probability of finding two faces in the same measurements in the general population was less than one in a trillion.

However, it is reported that each person has an average of seven people in the world that could be their unrelated twin.  Posts on social media of people coincidentally running into their doppelgänger have received a large amount of attention.  Just like Neil Douglas who met his spitting image mistakenly sitting in the plane seat he was assigned on a flight to Ireland.  Social media has also served as a convenient source for those around the globe to come across someone with similar features.

 This has snowballed into sites like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube being used intentionally for people seeking their doubles.  Projects like Irish TV host Niamh Geaney’s “Twin Strangers” used the power of the interwebs to seek her closest match to win a month-long challenge between her and her friends. This project invited people around the globe, who thought they looked similar to the three friends, to submit their photos. Niamh came across two women who shared strikingly similar characteristics to her own. They had things like the same hair color, smile and eye shape.  She documented meeting her first lookalike and said, “Karen probably looks more like me than my sisters do.”

The “Twin Strangers” project became a globally viral sensation in a very short period of time.  People seemed to be fascinated with the idea that there was someone out there that wasn’t genetically related at all but looked very similar to them.  Niamh took notice of how the popular the video had become and made to help others find their doppelgänger anywhere in the world.  In fact, they have documented a few stories of these lookalike matches that have been made on the site.

 Have you ever been interested in finding your own doppelgänger?  In this video, we will share the stories of a handful of strangers who met their unrelated twin.
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