Thomas Sanders & the Gems edits!
Thomas Sanders & the Gems edits!
Thomas Sanders & the Gems edits!

Thomas Sanders & the Gems edits! - MKatwood

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My name's McKenzie! I'm 20 year old female Computational Media student at Georgia Tech. Animation enthusiast, singer, & video editor looking to get better. I'm interning at Cartoon Network. I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my videos with Universe plugins by Red Giant. MAIL ME STUFF! 335168 Georgia Tech Station Atlanta, GA 30332-1600 twitter: main blog (atla/tlok): sideblog (su):

Video description
Wanted to share the videos I made from Thomas Sander's latest collab with the cast of Steven Universe!!! If you've been following my Twitter ( or Tumblr or anything, you probably know that I helped to set Thomas and the cast of SU to meet each other and they ended up making some awesome stuff. (

Animation of Thomas Sanders in the last clip by my friend Lalou!

Original videos:

Sorry this is shorter than my normal stuff!! I have been very busy lately and wanted to upload something before I went out of town for Thanksgiving!!

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Becoming a CARTOON! | Thomas Sanders feat. Butch Hartman!

By now, I think it's pretty apparent that I have an extreme passion for all things animation! Cartoons and other animation have shaped many of us since we were young, and many of them hold a special place in our hearts! But what about the possibility of becoming a cartoon?? In this video, I seek the help of the creator of The Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman, to do just that!! Also, be sure to check out the video I did on Butch Hartman's channel! ***GET THE LIMITED EDITION POSTER DESIGNED BY BUTCH HARTMAN HERE: Thank you so...

Cartoon Chaos!! | Thomas Sanders

In this AMAZING vlog, I got a whole bunch of famous voice actors together to read off YOUR suggested phrases in their popular character voices!! I had SO much fun with this video, and I hope you all enjoy it!!!! Editing Credit to the amazing Caleb Natale! Carlos Alazraqui: (Twitter); (Instagram); (Facebook) E.G. Daily: (Homepage) Greg Cipes: Actor/Musician/Producer @GregCipes (Twitter & Instagram) Jess Harnell: @JessHarnell (Twitter); (Facebook) Jim Cummings: @jimcummingsacme (Twitter) Scott Menville: @scottmenville (Twitter) Tara Strong: @tarastrong (Twitter); @tarastrong514 (Instagram) Thomas' Social Links: Snapchat - Thomas_Sanders Tumblr - Merchandise: Business Inquires:

Steven Universe - What's The Use of Feeling (Blue) - (Song)

EPISODE NAME HERE, STOP ASKING ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ From the episode, That Will Be All. Watch Steven's Dream on the Cartoon Network App! TM & © 2017 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved. The Cartoon Network is a part of the Turner Broadcasting System.


Thomas Sanders is one of the most influential people I know and I really wanted to animated other parts of one of his video! Please go subscribe to his channel and go check out his videos because he deserves so much love (along with Joan and Talyn). And if you or some other people you know are struggling with anxiety please go to Thomas's video, there are place where you can call and get help. Love You! : Subscribe to Thomas: : Original Video: : :SUBSCRIBE: : : Follow me at these places TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM:

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Steven Universe - Steven Meets Rose Quartz (Clip)

From the episode, Storm in the Room. Watch the episode on the CN app!: If you live outside the U.S. or do not have cable: TM & © 2017 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved. The Cartoon Network is a part of the Turner Broadcasting System.

The Smothering - Steven Universe Fan episode

The Smothering is a Fan-made episode of Steven Universe. Made by fans, for fun because we love the show. The Smothering is a 'Mumswap' story. For those who are unaware Mumswap means a fanfiction where you image what Steven Universe would be like if Peridot, Jasper and Lapis were Steven's caretakers instead of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. They're used to explore the personalities of the characters in a different setting. Credits --- Robin McRae - Writer, Story-boarder, director. McKenzie Atwood - Steven, Video and sound editor Clarice - Peridot Anesha Grant - Lapis Lazuli Alice Blehart - Jasper, Test footage editor, (b ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b helpful! --- Lead Colourists: Aaron...

It's Bork, Isn't It? (RIP Gabe)

hey all!!! As some of you may have heard, the white dog you see in videos like this is named Gabe the Dog, and he just recently passed away a few days ago. I thought it would be nice to make something silly to honor the true spirit of what Gabe meant to a lot of people--he made people happy! Sleep tight pupper, love you bunches. ---- Instrumental song credits: ---- 🔹 TWITTER: 🔸 TUMBLR:

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Everyone finds out about Pearl's secret rap career (feat. Deedee Magno Hall)

ITS FINALLY DONE... THE EPIC SAGA IS COMPLETE... Hope you all enjoyed!! A HUGE thanks to the lovely Deedee Magno Hall, the voice of Pearl herself, for agreeing to make a cameo in this video! Thanks to Clifton for filming, as well as the rest of the Mama Bares for their appearances! Everyone go follow her on Twitter and the rest of the Mama Bares, and watch their video! EDIT: full version of the American Boy/LA mashup here: