The Untold Truth Of Backpack Kid
The Untold Truth Of Backpack Kid
The Untold Truth Of Backpack Kid

The Untold Truth Of Backpack Kid - Nicki Swift

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By the time the internet dubbed him "Backpack Kid," Russell Horning was already an Instagram sensation. Horning's claim to fame is his signature dance move: "The Russell" aka "flossing." Which he does while wearing a backpack, of course. Horning took his backpack to SNL and danced alongside Katy Perry for her performance of "Swish Swish." Since then, he's been flossing all over the United States. But is there more to Horning than one quirky dance move? This is the untold truth of Backpack Kid…

Church camp dancer | 0:27
Rihanna shout-out | 1:23
That backpack | 2:16
Ending racism | 2:53
Online learning | 2:53
Goat shooter | 3:25
Staying grounded | 3:54

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