Taylor Swift SURPRISES Fan At Her House & Her Reaction Is Priceless
Taylor Swift SURPRISES Fan At Her House & Her Reaction Is Priceless
Taylor Swift SURPRISES Fan At Her House & Her Reaction Is Priceless

Taylor Swift SURPRISES Fan At Her House & Her Reaction Is Priceless - Clevver News

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The “new” Taylor Swift may be way edgier than the one we’re used to, but one thing is clear: she still LOVES surprising her Swifties.

We all know Taylor Swift has a history of sending her fans AMAZING gifts, but this time, it seems like Taylor may be showing up at their homes to, like, actually hang out!

Well that’s certainly what it seems like, anyway! Just yesterday Taylor gave one diehard Swiftie the surprise of a lifetime when she showed up at her house completely uninvited. That’s right! Instagram User @laraheartstaylor hopped on the Gram immediately following her surprise visit from Taylor to spill all of the magical details.

Apparently, Lara thought she would be receiving some sort of package from Taylor because a few days earlier Taylor’s people contacted her to send her a surprise. Lo and behold, the surprise was a knock on the door from Taylor herself! Lara recalled looking out the window as a “blonde goddess” stepped out of a black SUV. Yupp… that definitely sounds like Taylor!

Not only did Lara get a visit from, QUOTE “the woman who made the biggest impact on my life,” but she also was gifted with some SERIOUS Reputation Swag! We are SO jealous! From the photos, it looks like she was given a bunch of awesome new shirts, a Reputation tote, and some other cool merch! Well, it definitely seems like someone is ready for this new era!

That wasn’t all, though! Lara also shared a bunch of sweet photos of her and her new bestie, Taylor, hanging out in her bedroom, which, by the way, is TOTALLY decked out with Taylor stuff! Would we expect anything less?

Reputation comes out on November 10th, so Taylor’s got a little less than a month to make some more visits to some of her most devoted Swifties. Okay, so… where should I send my address?

So what do you think of all this new Reputation merch? And while we’re at it, how would you react if Taylor came casually knocking on your front door? Let us know in the comments, as always don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News! I’m your host Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you next time!

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