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Today Stephen Sharer Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer went to the grocery store to get supplies to make ice cream from frozen soda. They got Fanta soda and ice cram cones. Liz picked grape soda and blue Berry Fanta soda. Carter picked Strawberry Fanta soda and Coca Cola. They also got a two big bags of dry ice. When they got home there was a package there. They opened it up and it was the 1 million gold YouTube play button! It was in a huge picture frame. Major shout out to the Sharer fam for reaching 1 million subscribers. Carter unpacked all the soda onto the counter. Stephen got a bowl and mixed Berry Fanta and dry ice together. The bowl started to fog and sizzle as he stirred the soda. Soon it began to freeze the soda turned into an ice cream slushy. Mixing soda and dry ice worked so quickly and so well to make frozen ice cream. Next Carter tried to make frozen soda ice cream from Strawberry Fanta by pouring it on top of the dry ice. This method didn’t work very well because the soda just fell off the dry ice. Next Liz attempted to make ice cram with Grape Fanta soda by pouring it onto the cold counter where the dry ice was. Liz poured the grape soda on to the counter and waited for it to freeze. As it started to freeze into the slush she began to stir it. The soda quickly froze into ice cream and Liz scooped it in to an ice cream cone. Comment #Soda and what your favorite flavor of soda is.

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