ProZD - All Vines Compilation July/2017 Updated
ProZD - All Vines Compilation July/2017 Updated
ProZD - All Vines Compilation July/2017 Updated

ProZD - All Vines Compilation July/2017 Updated - Vine Fun Stars

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I am on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr, all links are in the vines below
Thanks, Vine
Vine is closing
When you're mad at video games but controllers are expensive as hell
When your friend hasn't seen a thing
If people acted like cats pt. 3
joining a twitter conversation you weren't originally a part of
me on chopped pt. 2
Video game character becomes aware of the fragility of his mortality #HoloLens #Actiongram
When you try at first to hide you're listening to an anime song
When you realize you're ordering way too much food for one person
twitter spam bots
my cat's got fetch all figured out
If people acted like cats pt. 2
you'll pay for this
If people acted like cats
When a video game dialogue option is way more aggressive than you anticipated
I'll be a guest at ShumatsuCon on April 14-16, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio
A world where all talking to pets voices and regular speaking voices are switched
Pokemon Go 101 seminar for advertising execs
Professor Willow
A more accurate Pokemon Go trailer
Bowser gives his level contractors some suggestions
Taking off those anime training weights
when you're an NPC whose script forces you to compliment the shitty player
failing to keep your crush on the down low around the other villains
Video game boss attack patterns
the way japanese video game characters move drives me nuts
Choice anxiety
when you know only the random English parts in a non-English song
Anime Club (David Fincher, 1999)
no shoes, no shirt
Father tries to connect with his nerdy son pt. 3
Rewatching an unskippable cutscene every time you die
When you have to keep restarting but at least the level music is dope
Overly self-conscious supervillain
Trying to talk to a video game shopkeeper and accidentally stealing an item in front of them
it's effie
Healthy tip
me on chopped
Stealth video games
Tic tac toe sports anime
Maybe shorten those anime attack names
When a video game enemy glitches during a chase sequence
A bumblebee with horrible allergies
Maybe a villain song wasn't the best idea
A mob boss who thinks guns are called "poopy-pops"
A Sith apprentice clearly not happy with his new Sith name
A man who is physically unable to prevent himself from singing any song he hears
The four Hogwarts houses
Switching from the second lap to the last lap in Mario Kart
Ms. Frizzle's exasperated principal
Naming the main character your name in a video game
A guy who really doesn't want to be the main character in an anime
bonding with your fire emblem spouse pt. 2
bonding with your fire emblem spouse
They should make a show about my life
A man whose favorite food gains sentience
do they EVER put down their phones??
Friends don't let friends read Garfield / read 2dcloud's Winter Collection of altcomics instead on Kickstarter now #sponsored
When you forget if you've saved your game or not so you save one thousand times
Hey, 100,000 Vine followers
Pass Pro is a free to play football game available on the App Store #sponsored
A man caught in a time loop on his birthday
A really passive aggressive GPS
Nicknaming your Pokemon
Naming your rival in Pokemon
A trainer that can't remember any of his Pokemon's names
Nothing gets past those brilliant internet commenters
First boss who didn't actually expect to kill the hero
Mobster whose accent is so thick his subordinates can't understand him
RPG boss gets pissed at the player skipping his dialogue
What rich people are like probably pt. 2
A golf commentator commentating on a Yu-Gi-Oh duel
every animated movie trailer I hate
Father tries to connect with his nerdy son pt. 2
People who don't wear glasses whenever you take off yours
Behind the scenes
A guy not very concerned about his serial killer roommate
When you can't hear them a third time so you just kinda nod and laugh
A vampire who accidentally eats garlic bread
bad roommate
Grandma is hospitable to all
A man who enjoys pasta just a little too much
Maybe don't give Pokemon to 10 year olds
An opera singer who never actually learned how to sing opera
A relatively understanding mugger
A really evil guy but a really good dad pt. 2
Pokemon tries saying more than just its own name
A man who is afraid of the color blue
An attorney whose last resort is attempting to seduce the judge
Pokemon scientists
The guy who comments "first" on YouTube videos
white people
Gollum's real voice
If people were treated the way we treat pets
Give em the old one two
Rejected first draft of The Star-Spangled Banner
Singer who forgets the words to the U.S. National Anthem on the first note

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