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Nosy Landlord
Nosy Landlord

Nosy Landlord - Dennis O.

Dennis O.
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READ BEFORE POSTING. Video footage of my landlord coming into our yard. Everything I listed about his behavior is factual. We eventually got a lawyer and some money back from this asshat but we still don't know why he did what he did. All we can do is speculate.

When we did move, he followed us to our new residence and we had to threaten further legal action.

There is an update to this story at

Thanks for watching.

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Landlord Harassment Part 2

Gary Gjertson and Sue Rondeau, Slumlords See Part 1: My landlord is back in another attempt to bully me into moving out because I have been asking for repairs to be done to the home, and they have a buyer. They arrive in a rental car, with no tools and no repairmen. I tell them that without tools they aren't coming in the house, ask them to leave, and after they refused I called the police. Here we are waiting for the cops to arrive. Last time they intentionally broke appliances that I had to repair myself. I wasn't going to let...


He broke the trespass order in around 9 hours and then he breached his bail after being arrested for trespassing in less than 12 hours. WATCH PART 1 HERE: LANDLORD THREATENS US IN FRONT OF THE POLICE: DO NOT RENT FROM THIS MAN IN AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND! HE IS THE ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE LANDLORD!! --------------------- Important stuff --------------------- Support me on Patreon: DON'T FORGET TO BECOME A LITTLE PSYCHO: --------------------- Social media is sexy --------------------- Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: SnapChat: PsychoTraveller My blog: Business email: psychotraveller22 at gmail dot com --------------------- What I Film My Videos With --------------------- GoPro Hero 4 Silver: Sony A5100: ---------------------...


Yesterday our landlord came round and demanded money which we didn't owe him just 3 days before we were already going to be moving out. He called the police and refused to leave our room for 4 hours whilst we waited for police to arrive. When they did arrive they told him that he had to leave and that he couldn't evict us or get a trespass order on us. He then threatens us in front of the police officers which leads HIM to get a trespass order from the house! Our landlord has always been a dick and a crook but...

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Landlord from Hell

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Landlord is out of control of security deposit!

We scrubbed our apartment down before moving out. Our landlord wanted to do a walkthrough to point out everything he needs to clean. Our lease states that he charges $25 an hour for cleaning and that we get back our deposit ($660) minus cleaning fees, professional carpet cleaning and oiling the wood paneling. He isn't going to give us an itemized list but he is going to track his hours spent cleaning. Getting a Lawyer ASAP! the wood floors are sealed yet he needs to wax them? They are clean! The kitchen floors are vct tiles from the 70's but...

White Trash Neighbors. Hoarders! Look what they left for me to clean up.

I was paid $1000 to clean this unit and haul the trash out front. Total of 422 trash bags (55 gallon) and plenty of old furniture too big to fit into a bag. The meticulous cleaning was another job completely. The tenants were directly related to the landlord. The house was totally remolded before they moved in and they were charged nothing for rent and social services paid their utilities. A hole was cut into the living room floor and stairs were added so the fat bitch didn't have to walk an extra 10 feet to get...