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Nosy Landlord
Nosy Landlord

Nosy Landlord - Dennis O.

Dennis O.
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READ BEFORE POSTING. Video footage of my landlord coming into our yard. Everything I listed about his behavior is factual. We eventually got a lawyer and some money back from this asshat but we still don't know why he did what he did. All we can do is speculate.

When we did move, he followed us to our new residence and we had to threaten further legal action.

There is an update to this story at

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This is what happens when u buy a property without seeing the inside first,,THESHEASHOW.COM

LOL, the video was intended to let people know about buying something without looking at it first, I know very well that it's not a bad price and could be fixed up in no time at all, I was messing with him because I told him to check it out first before buying it, and the look on his face was priceless, the place could have been totally burned out on the inside, then what?, matter fact, one of my clients bought a place and did not know what was going on, and it's burnt out on the inside, major...

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Yesterday our landlord came round and demanded money which we didn't owe him just 3 days before we were already going to be moving out. He called the police and refused to leave our room for 4 hours whilst we waited for police to arrive. When they did arrive they told him that he had to leave and that he couldn't evict us or get a trespass order on us. He then threatens us in front of the police officers which leads HIM to get a trespass order from the house! Our landlord has always been a dick and a crook but...

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Michael Turner 1 month ago this was the day after our eviction court case . That ended with the judge refunding our rent money and telling the landlord he had to hire certified plumber to fix our apartment. He was attempting to take pics of a working toilet to prove me wrong infact it wasn't sealed at the base and was leaking sewer gas. He had left a letter of intent to enter my apt. which had expired at 2 pm this was after 5 . He had been waiting for me to leave so he could sneak in and collect...

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We went upstairs to ask the landlords to unlock the currently locked utility and laundry room for the SHAW Internet guy to connect the wire for the modem tomorrow August 14, 2012. And this was what happened after I knocked and asked for Krishna Rai, the landlord. His wife Bella was ignoring our knocks and calls out to Krishna then suddenly started acting up, she later calmed down when we informed them that we were VIDEO taping everything and we told her husband Krishna Rai that they are trying to frame us by her acting up the way she is,...

Stopped by police a neighbor called them about me!

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This jabronie parked in my spot, so I blocked him in. I got video of it, it's just unfortunate that he managed to wiggle his car out past mine. The story is that there is a school next to my building

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