Neil Cavuto exposes Keely Mullen for the MORON she is
Neil Cavuto exposes Keely Mullen for the MORON she is
Neil Cavuto exposes Keely Mullen for the MORON she is

Neil Cavuto exposes Keely Mullen for the MORON she is - The Original Uno

The Original Uno
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Video description
Keely Mullen is what is wrong with America.  This is an example of a child that should have had her ass whipped.  Who is going to be left to care for these worthless millennials?   What the FUCK is wrong with people these days.  There is no money tree, someone has to pay for this shit and if you are getting the shit then you should pay for it.  Have we all lost our fucking minds...

Cavuto, " You're Stupid " @ Dense Guest Who Can't Understand That Americans Are Fed Up

Cavuto tries to explain to this woman that Americans are fed up with Big Government, and that these Tea Parties have been " brewing " for years. The lady can't seem to get it through her skull that it's not about Obama or Democrats or Republicans, but these Tea Parties are about an out of control corrupt government that has strayed too far from our Beloved Constitution. She almost has a mental block and seems unable to fathom what these Tea Parties are all about.

Northeastern Student Responds to Keely Mullen and the Million Student March

I want it to be known that one individual does not represent the student population at Northeastern University. This video was made of my own free will and I am not receiving any incentives from Northeastern or any other organizations.

Neil Cavuto - $15 Minimum Wage Warrior (Casualty); Robots Replacing Workers

Apparently, no one under 30 yrs old has seen or heard of Milton Friedman's series from the early 80s: "Free to Choose". This poor woman, Naquasia LeGrand, does not know history, economics, the coming onslaught of technology replacing workers, etc. Instead of working on her own education, public speaking skills, and increasing the worth of her own "Human Capital", aka, demand for her skills in the economy, she appears to be mindlessly pushing for and demanding a $15 per hour as the federal minimum wage. Before any viewers posts comments supporting Ms. LeGrand, we suggest that you please view this...

Neil Cavuto Goes Off on Liberal Mouthpiece Julian Epstein - "Cut His Mic!"

(June 8, 2013) - Fox News host Neil Cavuto and Democratic strategist Julian Epstein erupted at each other on Saturday morning, when Cavuto demanded Epstein see the NSA subpoena as part of a larger pattern of oppressive behavior on the part of the Obama administration. "You see one incident after another that comes up," Cavuto said. "It all comes back to the same basic issue: privacy invaded or potentially invaded. Institutions of all sorts doing the same thing. There is a pattern." "If you want to conflate and combine the issues and make the general statements you can do that," Epstein...

Fox News Angry Harvard Students Know Stuff

Caleb Bonham, a reporter for a group dedicated to opposing campus liberalism, told Fox News on Thursday that he had investigated Harvard University students and come the the “concerning” conclusion that they were “listening to what they are learning in class.” Read More At: Clip from the Thursday, October 9th 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday - friday 4-6pm Eastern. Check out our website - and become a member - at: Listen to the Live Show or On Demand archive at: Follow on Twitter: Like on Facebook: Friends Of SecularTalk: AMAZON LINK: (Bookmark this link...

RIP Terry - Fox Business Network Tribute from Cavuto

Former Fox News and CNN anchor Terry Keenan died Friday at age 53, RIP Terry - Keenan died of a brain hemorrhage. Kennan was working as a business columnist at the New York Post at the time of her death. Her colleague tweeted the sad news Friday morning Keenan started her TV news career at CNN in the 1980's, later joining CNBC. From there, she moved to Fox News in 2002, anchoring programs like “Cashin’ In.” She later anchored on Fox Business when the network debuted.She also worked in 1996 for The O'Reilly Factor. An insider told TheWrap “Your World” with Neil Cavuto...

Noisy Angry Shouting Match Between Ben Stein & FOX's Neil Cavuto.

Sit back and enjoy this donnybrook between "free market" ideologue Neil Cavuto and a much more practical conservative Ben Stein over the issue of the proposed loan to the Big Three automakers. Stein surprised us once again, proving he's a pragmatist, not an ideologue. Wonder if he'll ever again be asked back on FOX News? Oh, and catch Cavuto's snide last comment about Stein's current employment by the New York Times.