My Homemade 40W LASER SHOTGUN!!!!!
My Homemade 40W LASER SHOTGUN!!!!!
My Homemade 40W LASER SHOTGUN!!!!!

My Homemade 40W LASER SHOTGUN!!!!! - styropyro

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Death ray lasers, fire, and simply awesome science! Welcome to the channel of styropyro, where the pyromaniac in you is sure to be satisfied. My channel mainly deals with giant lasers that are built out of scrap/broken electronics. These lasers are incredibly powerful and have the ability to light things on fire!! Don't believe me? Watch my videos!! I will admit that I am a bit "old school" when it comes to making my YouTube videos. I don't use fancy editing, take a bazillion cuts for a single scene, or sell out with product placement. My goal is simply to entertain with absolutely insane projects direct from this mad scientist himself! My hope is that some of my younger viewers will see that science can be a lot more fun than what school can present, and maybe give them enough of a spark to use science to change the world someday!! I can not sell any of my handheld lasers over 5mW due to FDA regulations, so please don't ask! Be sure to check my "about me" page on my website!!

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Just finished building my 40W(!!!) laser shotgun!!! The output of this laser is complete insanity, and is made up of 8 parallel 5W laser beams totaling to 40W. The parallel beams are manipulated with lenses, sort of like how a choke modifies the spread of a shotgun blast.

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The massive diode array is powered by a huge lithium polymer battery pack (capable up dumping 250A) and the laser array is regulated by a whopping 24 LM317 drivers.

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Check out to learn more about laser pointers, lasers, and laser pointer companies! I have been a member there for 8 years, and have received a bunch of help from the knowledgeable members there!

This is definitely the craziest thing I have ever built, but I hope to beat this invention with something even crazier before too long.

My Homemade 6W Laser Sword!!!

Here is the biggest and baddest laser I've ever built!!! This laser is so powerful that I cannot even measure it on my meter, but it's power is likely near 6W. This laser incinerates anything in its path!!! This laser is DOUBLE the power of the one in my "Homemade Lightsaber" video! I had the sword host custom machined by a talented machinist (who goes by Ehgemus on the forums), and I got the laser diode here: For the drivers I stacked two V7 X-Drives in parallel to get 4.0A. ALWAYS use laser goggles when working with lasers over 5mW! Check...


Buy the World Most Powerful commercially available Laser Pointer here: This is a 50W laser made of 7 blue laser diodes rated 7+ watts each. I will use it in some of the next videos to show you what it is able to do. Hope you will like it! Subscribe to WickedLasers YouTube Channel: ------------------------------------- Music: Aero Chord - Time Leap [NCS Release] Follow Aero Chord:


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Building the 200W Laser Bazooka and Playing with Chemicals - Jun 12

I've been working on my giant 200W laser bazooka recently and decided that I should update my fans on that project, as well as my other projects in the works! Instagram: In this video I also update you all on my pyrotechnics projects, as well as my giant moth breeding. You also get to meet my kitty Puddyton. :p Yes, I have weird hobbies. The chemical reaction you see in the video is between molecular iodine and aluminum powder. Adding water to the mix catalyzes the reaction, causing large amounts of iodine vapor to be released. That Atlas moth that I show...


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Handheld TESLA COIL GUN at 28,000fps - Smarter Every Day 162

GET Wizard here: Click here if you're interested in subscribing: Click here to tweet this video: ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ This is the musical Tesla coil used in the video (It was a lot of fun and I recommend getting one!) Cameron's awesome Tesla Website: GET THE AWESOME SONG GORDON COMPOSED HERE: Bethany Gano did the Illustrations and I really like them. Daniel Jamieson shot the footage of the Tesla statue at Niagara falls. I think he did a great job. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET SMARTER SECTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nikola Tesla's original patent for the Tesla coil: Tweet Ideas...

How to make a powerful burning laser from DVD-rw

In this video I try to show how to make a powerful laser from Burn Or you can simply buy one on Ali: OR on Amazon: DVD-RW drive. As always, the list of components: LM317 on Ali - Amazon - 3.3Ohm on Ali - Amazon - Laser Module on Ali- Amazon - Laser diode on Ali - Amazon - instagram - Despite the fact that my English is almost perfect, maybe you could notice a small Eastern European accent, it's because I'm Russian, and answering the question "why don't you make videos in both languages?" I actually do,...

Building a Burning Laser from an Old Computer!!!

Here I take an old computer and utilize its parts to make a burning laser! This is one of my favorite DIY laser projects out there, as it makes use of old parts and makes a very cool final project. Always protect your seeing balls and wear laser goggles for lasers over 5mW!! I have made a similar video in the past, but it was restricted for being "too dangerous". So, here I show what I do step by step to build this laser in detail, but do not encourage my viewers to do the same. :p Check out to learn more...

2017 New Most Powerful Blue Burning Laser Pointer Laser Torch Laser Gun

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Homemade Death Ray Laser DRONE BOT!!! Remote Controlled!!

I present my most terrifying laser creation as of yet...the remote controlled death ray drone bot! This beast packs a potent 2W blue laser that fries anything in it's path. It can walk around and shoot it's death ray at the touch of a button. Version 2 of this bot (with camera and RF transmitter) is here!!! EDIT: So it turns out the INVENTOR of the robot toy that I hacked is here on YouTube and has an amazing channel! Check him out here: The toy that I modified is called an "Attacknid" which is actually a pretty cool toy. I...

Fun with fidget spinners and super strong magnets!

In this video I muck around with some cool fidget spinners and super strong (but small) neodymium magnets! I show off the fidget spinners, and their variety of colours. You can use the magnets to build your own custom big fidget spinner. I've linked below some super strong magnets (even some big ones, be careful!) But now I've got a whole series of fidget spinners as this video was quite successful, so check them out :) They include some with lasers, LEDs and other great stuff. Fidget Spinner: Magnets: Tungsten weight block: Large Cube magnet: (Affiliate links) Watch this space, because soon...

Monster magnet meets blood...

Isn't it a problem to handle powerful magnets with iron in our blood? Let's find out! This video was sponsored by The D200xH50 mm neodymium magnet was donated by You can see the unboxing of it and more tests here: Credits for the illustration and animation of the hemoglobin molecule: May 2003, Shuchismita Dutta, David Goodsell doi:10.2210/rcsb_pdb/mom_2003_5 Used with written permission. FULL MUSIC CREDITS Time code: 0:00 Spacial Harvest by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ISRC: USUAN1100653 Time codes: 0:35 + 6:27 Perspectives by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ISRC: USUAN1300027 Time codes: 4:17 + 8:07 Peace of Mind by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed...

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How To Make a FREEZE RAY Gun for T-SHIRTS, behind the scenes and MORE! - "ideas" T-Shirt is $20 FREE shipping worldwide!! -follow me on instagram! - SUBSCRIBE for more awesome videos!!! **All of the ideas shown in any of my videos have the potential to be dangerous. Should you choose to repeat any of my designs/experiments I am not responsible for any injury that may occur. Please be as safe as possible when doing experiments - mine or anyone else's! **


BRAIN TIME► 1. US NAVY RP Flip 2. Tanco A200 3. Screw-propelled vehicle 4. TCM 60 5. Vityaz 6. BRDM-2 7. The Toyo Tires Ferret 8. Paddle Boat Ship Tank Truck 9. M3 Amphibious Rig 10. Faun Trackway

Perpetual Motion - Bhaskara's Wheel - Free Energy

***UPDATE*** This is my home made perpetual motion machine. It started as a science fair project on renewable energy (powered by gravity). It is based on Bhaskara's wheel design which is a type of overbalanced wheel... very similar to several designs by Leonardo Da Vinci. I plan to add a small generator to it to generate electricity - free energy! My overbalanced wheel is a homemade perpetual motion machine that I intend on turning into a generator in order to produce free energy by taking advantage of the earth’s gravity. It is based off of an overbalanced wheel...


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Laser gun 6,5w. test

laser gun with 2 diodes 445nm 9mm 3.5 w combined power to take 6.5 w. very dangerous for the eyes, it is essential to wear eye protection. constructed of aluminum and anodized 6061 t6 the outside. air cooled. prototype n 1. pistola laser con 2 diodos 445nm 9mm de 3,5w de potencia combinados, para tener 6,5w. muy peligrosa para los ojos, es imprescindible llevar proteccion para los ojos. construida con aluminio 6061 t6 y anodizado por la parte exterior. refrigerada por aire. prototipo n 1.

New Invention - Hoverbike (2014)

Hoverbike is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better. Support this Project here: Join our Creators/Inventors Community: Hoverbike is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better. - It is said that if you give a man a fish, you can feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime - The objective of this campaign is to kick-start sales of our beautiful 1/3rd scale Hoverbike drone and accessories via your pledges,...

Dual Laser IRON MAN Glove (with sounds and ejecting shell)

Sale version on my website! Support me on: Facebook: Twitter: PLEASE do not ask for plans, how to, tutorials.

US Navy's New Killer Laser Gun: LaWS Laser Weapon System Live-fire

The Laser Weapon System or LaWS is a directed-energy weapon being developed by the U.S. Navy. The AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System or XN-1 LaWS is a directed-energy weapon developed by the United States Navy. LaWS uses an infrared beam from a solid-state laser array which can be tuned to high output to destroy the target or low output to warn or cripple the sensors of a target. ( Video shows the LaWS Operational demonstration aboard USS Ponce. During the test, the LaWS hit targets mounted aboard a speeding oncoming small boat, shot an UAV out of the sky, and destroyed other moving...

If You Fly a Drone in a Closed Box on a Scale, Will the Box Weigh Less?—Mind-Blowing Experiment!

If you have a closed box on a scale, and fly something in it, like a drone, will the box weigh less when the drone is in the air vs. when it is in the box? What about with the lid off? Or with no box at all, just hovering over the scale? In this video I answer these questions and talk about why what you see actually happens! Go checkout Brilliant through this link! WARNING: This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you use the information from this video for your own projects then you assume complete responsibility for the results. My...