Making Soap
Making Soap
Making Soap

Making Soap - NileRed

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Video description
NOTE: This video has been re-uploaded because I made an error in the last one. I said ashes have sodium hydroxide in them, when they really have potassium carbonate, which is converted to potassium hydroxide by treatment with calcium hydroxide or oxide.

I hate having to reupload, but the error was too big for me to let go. I do not like the idea of spreading misinformation. I hope you guys can understand!

Contest is OVER!:
Link to Part 2:


Today, we are doing some more everyday chemistry. I've decided to make both solid soap (part 1) and liquid soap (part 2).

I got the recipe for the solid soap here:



Making Liquid Soap

Contest: Link to Part 1: This is part2 of my soap series, where lll be making liquid soap. If you haven't seen part 1, I strongly suggest that you check it out before this one. The major difference with liquid soap, is that it uses potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide. Recipe: Making Fluorescein: ------------------------------------------ Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Patreon:

Argh. Why Is Copper So Difficult?

🔥 Random Nation Unite! Let's win a Streamy Award! 👊👑 We can win it, I we need your vote! 6 attempts, and I still haven't figured out how to make a perfect copper cast. Blame it on my OCD baby. What are we missing here? Copper Pipes: Hack Saw: Steel Tong: Fine Mesh Strainer: Endcard Links: Making Butter: Liquid Propane: Butane Rockets: Waterbending: Business Inquiries: For business and sponsorship inquiries please contact us directly: See What Else I’m Up To: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Music By: MannyMusic - “Let’s Go!” Commercial rights purchased from WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you...

Making Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) From Salt

I use the Chloralkali mercury process to turn NaCl into NaOH. I also use the excess chlorine to produce a bromine solution and I make activated mercury at one point. Thanks again to Julian Emmerling for this intro and outro music: If you want him to make something for you contact at

All about Mercury, the Liquid Metal | Element Series

In this video, I'll be talking about the very interesting element Mercury. I try to cover as much as I can, including its properties, its history and interesting reactions. Let me know what other element you would like to see. Keep in mind that this takes a lot of work though, and that not all elements will be possible (due to rarity and/or danger). Let me know if I forgot anything in the description. I probably left out links or something. ------------------------------------------ Previous aluminum amalgam video: Video Sources: Freezing Mercury (Periodic Videos): Hand in mercury (Cody's Lab): Mercury Distillation: Mercury Vapor (Periodic Videos): Mercury Switches:...

Making Margarine | Edible Chem

NileRed Shop: Outro music: ------------------------------------------ Today I'll be making some margarine from olive oil, however, it is going to be terrible and inedible. It is all about the journey though...right? To make it, I'll be hydrogenating olive oil. Margarine is normally partially hydrogenated, but I am going to fully hydrogenate things. So, it's going to actually be closer to "shortening". I was informed by some people that my way of making the margarine was terrible. I am probably going to try it again sometime, where I use a whisk (and froth it properly) and I'll do a partial hydrogenation. Making Margarine video: ------------------------------------------ NileRed Shop:...

Can You Boil Water Just By Mixing it Really Fast? Water-Stirring Challenge Accepted!

In this video I see what happens if you stir or mix water really fast. Does the temperature increase because of water friction? If so, can we actually get the water to boil just from mixing it? First I test it by hand then I see how it compares to using more power such as a Blendtech blender. WARNING: This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you use the information from this video for your own projects then you assume complete responsibility for the results. My Other Channel: If you want to help me make videos you can contribute at: For more awesome...

Monster magnet meets blood...

Isn't it a problem to handle powerful magnets with iron in our blood? Let's find out! This video was sponsored by The D200xH50 mm neodymium magnet was donated by You can see the unboxing of it and more tests here: Credits for the illustration and animation of the hemoglobin molecule: May 2003, Shuchismita Dutta, David Goodsell doi:10.2210/rcsb_pdb/mom_2003_5 Used with written permission. FULL MUSIC CREDITS Time code: 0:00 Spacial Harvest by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ISRC: USUAN1100653 Time codes: 0:35 + 6:27 Perspectives by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ISRC: USUAN1300027 Time codes: 4:17 + 8:07 Peace of Mind by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed...

Three Kings Soap (My Most Expensive Batch Ever!?) | Royalty Soaps

Omg, give me ALL the frankincense, please and thank you. Essential oils, powders, resin tears, I'll take it ALL! Also, THAT BLUE ON TOP!! CAN IT GET ANY MORE BLUE!? Links to everything I used and discount codes below! ----------------------------------------------------------- ♕ I N G R E D I E N T S ♕ Frankincense and Myrrh EO/FO Blend - Frankincense Resin Tears - Frankincense Powder - Ultramarine Blue Oxide - Klein Blue Mica - Shimmer Gold Mica - Snowflake Sparkle Mica - Velvet Pearl Mica - ♕ E Q U I P M E N T ♕ ♥ Stick...

How to Make Mermaid Ombre Soap

Learn how to make Mermaid Ombre Melt & Pour Soap with lots of glitter and layers. This mermaid soap project is perfect for beginners and more advanced soapers alike. Get more details about the Mermaid Soap Kit Here: Recipe: 4" Silicone Soap Mold 16 oz. Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base 1 tsp. Iridescent Glitter 10-15 mL Yuzu Cybilla Fragrance Oil Hydrated Chrome Green Color Block Spray Bottle filled with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) Want to make this soap? Click here to get all the ingredients you need: Thank you for watching! Starting 12/19/16, we will no longer be responding to comments here. If you have...

Making Nylon 6,6

Get a free 30-day Audible trial today by signing up at Note: I write cyclohexanol in the video, but it is actually cyclohexane that I used. I also wrote in the comments it was double mistake. oops In this video, I will be doing the classic Nylon 6,6 demonstration. I first convert adipic acid (which was made in a previous video) to adipoyl chloride. It is then reacted with hexamethylenediamine to form Nylon 6,6 In the future, I will be making Nylon 6,6 the industrial way, by first going through the nylon salt. Fluorescein video: Adipic Acid video: ------------------------------------------ Nile Red Shop:

How to make soap at home using all natural ingredients

You can make pure, natural soap at home with only 3 ingredients. Find out more here: Modern soap and detergents have harmful artificial ingredients in them that are bad for us. Learn to make your own soap and have an incredible fresh and clean feeling after bathing. Get back to basics and learn how people made soap in the old days. For preppers and survivalists this is important knowledge. In order to stave off infection and die of common illnesses, we will need to remain clean after the shtf

The NIMO Tube: Rarest And Most Dangerous Digital Display Of All Time

Rarer Than A Moon Rock.... Deadlier Than Plutonium... It's The NIMO Digital Display Tube! As far as I know this is the first and only time that an operational NIMO has ever been presented on YouTube. A FranLab Vintage Technology First! Thanks for watching... Here's the video I did on IEE One-Plane Projection Displays: Here's the video I did about IEE Numitron Displays: Here's the video about the 555/4017 counter circuit: ...and that video from years ago about Nixies vs. VFD tubes: Here's the cool clock web page that inspired me to do this project: Join Team...


Making aluminum powder with only some aluminum foil, the ball mill jar we built last video, and some steel balls! Perfect for use with thermite, tannerite, or flash powder, this process will produce super fine and highly reactive aluminum powder. Supplies List: -El Cheapo Aluminum Foil - 1/4 inch ball bearings - 1/2 inch ball bearings - Ball Mill & jar (see my ball mill video!)

Testing Cheap V.S. Expensive Wrenches On AMAZON

Testing Cheap V.S. Expensive Wrenches On AMAZON Great new! This S&K Wrench Just Went On Sale * * * * * * SUBSCRIBE: WATCH MORE WRANGLERSTAR: “Recent Uploads” - "How To" - "Back To Basics" - "Family Vlogs" - "Wildland Firefighting" - "MY FAVORITE TOOLS" - "Our New Book" - "Contact Wranglestgar" - "Wranglerstar Web Store" - Wranglerstar Shirts: SOCIAL NETWORKS Tumblr: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Extracting Citric Acid from Lemons

Today we are extracting citric acid from some large large lemons. Citric acid is quite a useful molecule in general, but I don't have any particular uses for it. It is mostly used as a pH buffering agent in chemistry and isn't use in direct synthesis. A buffering solution is a solution that resists pH change. It is useful in synthesis when you need to keep the pH relatively constant during a reaction. In my Cadaverine video, I used citric acid to make a pH buffer solution: ------------------------------------------ Nile Red Keychain Shop: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Personal Instagram: Audio work: Kyle Gamble (

Could You Make a Space Suit Out of Duct Tape? Wearing a Duct Tape Glove in a Vacuum Chamber!

In this video I cut a hole in my vacuum chamber to test out what gloves could be used in space. I put my arm through the hole in the glove to test out several gloves then finally test if a glove strengthened by duct tape could hold in the pressure when in space! Then I test if duct tape could be used to repair a ship in space by taping over the hole I made in the vacuum chamber and seeing if it holds up under full vacuum. WARNING: This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you use the information...

What is DNA and what does it taste like? | Edible Chem

Follow me on Twitter: ------------------------------------------ This video is a bit different and more on the biochemistry side. During my Biochemistry degree, this was one prep that always amazed me. I'll be extracting DNA from strawberries and then giving it a taste to see what it's like. Because I plan to eat it, I only use chemicals that are "food safe". On a side note, it feels like I have been neglecting synthesis, so the next few videos are going to just synth projects only! Reference: ------------------------------------------ NileRed Shop: Facebook: Instagram: Patreon:

Super Easy Soap for beginners.

I have a new channel! Check it out here: Get the Saponification Value chart here: I started making soap around the time I started prepping. Yes, I can go to the store and buy soap, but in a SHTF situation, that may not be an option. I make soap so I can save money, know what is in it, and most importantly, keep the skill fresh in my mind. Be sure to follow us on FB for daily FREE book downloads! Looking for some good books?

Is it Possible To Un-Mix a Liquid? The Entropy Reversal Challenge

In this video I set up a way to attempt to un-mix a liquid that has been stirred. Can you actually reverse the mixing process and get the food color back in its original location after mixing? I talk about how this can be possible and talk about entropy and eventually the heat death of the universe! WARNING: This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you use the information from this video for your own projects then you assume complete responsibility for the results. My Other Channel: If you want to help me make videos you can contribute at: For more awesome videos checkout: If...

Aluminum and Mercury

Molecule Website: Outro music: ------------------------------------------ When mercury is added to aluminum, it forms an amalgam (a mercury alloy). Aluminum is normally protected by a thick oxide layer, but the formation of the amalgam disrupts it. It allows fresh aluminum to react with air to form white aluminum oxide. As the oxide grows, it forms as these cool white fibers. ------------------------------------------ NileRed Shop: Facebook: Instagram: Patreon:

The Iodine Myth

Support my channel by getting a free trial today, at You'll also get 10% off your first purchase. ------------------------------------------ Vote for the new term: In this video, I talk about the myth that surrounds iodine, which has to be one of the most widely spread misconceptions in chemistry. It is often taught in class and even appears in textbooks. I try to explain why this myth came to be and I offer a potential solution. This video took me a really really long time to make, so I hope you guys like it! ------------------------------------------ NileRed Shop: Facebook: Instagram: Patreon:

How to make Chloroform

In this video we make chloroform from bleach and acetone. The yield is a little lower than expected because I used an 11% excess of acetone, which is too much. This method was taken from Youtube user UC235. A link to his video is here:

Making Solid Shampoo Bars

In this video, I will show you how I make one of my solid shampoo bar! I love using handmade shampoos like this one because I know exactly what goes on my hair! Using it with a hand made conditioner makes it even better! But I'll show you that in another video! As general guide lines, I usually try to choose oils that will be compatible to the type hair I'm making the bar for. In this Shampoo bar, I'm using 25% coconut oil and 6% mango butter as my "hard oils". Then I choose to use Olive, sweet almond oil,...