In memory of Eskild Fors [1988-2017]
In memory of Eskild Fors [1988-2017]
In memory of Eskild Fors [1988-2017]

In memory of Eskild Fors [1988-2017] - Andyax

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Andyax is the channel to learn film-making by some strange Norwegians. The Andyax team is mainly Anders Øvergaard (filmmaker), Eskild Fors (actor) and Thomas Leypoldt (music composer). Check out their awesome channels in the sidebar as well. Subscribe for more videos, stay tuned on and our facebook page "Andyax Productions"! To see what kind of films I make besides Youtube, check out Cheers!

Video description
Dear everybody. The most terrible thing has happened. We have lost our good friend Eskild Fors. He died suddenly from us, following an acute depression, May 16th 2017.

- - -

Eskild. We miss you so much. You were always there for us. Always. It’s difficult to comprehend what wonderful person you were and how much you affected our lives. Your smile, your joy, your humor, your thoughtfulness, the helping hand, your ability to be the good friend who always stood up for us.

You were one of the most talented and creative guys we ever knew. That is what brought us all together to begin with. We loved joking around in front of the camera; let our mind flow, dream away. We were in a special world when we made videos together. No words can describe how much we will miss those moments.

Not just us, not just your friends, but the whole world absorbed your positive energy. People have written to us that when they have been depressed, they felt better watching our videos. They were inspired by what you did, they were inspired by who you were.

Eskild, you will never be forgotten.

We love you so much.

- - -

I posted the news about Eskild's passing away on our Facebook page Andyax Productions May 19th 2017. This tribute video is a result of the condolence videos we received from you, our followers. Thank you so much, it really warms our hearts.

I know a lot of you would have loved to send in a video and be a part of this video. However, I could only include a certain amount of contributions in one video, and I hope this video is a good summery of what people thought of Eskild.

Take care of each other and speak out about any struggle you might have. Because there are people out there who want to help you. No words can describe how it is to lose a good friend.

I will finish up the two next episodes of Behind The Camera Hack, which Eskild is a big part of. It's tough, because those are the last videos I'll upload which include Eskild. After that I'll have to figure out what we do next with the channel, but one thing is sure: We will continue making videos, because that's what Eskild wanted. He loved making videos for Youtube. His channel Eskild Fors ( will therefore stay as it is, so we can still enjoy his videos.

Again, thanks for all your support. It means a lot to us, his family, and it meant a lot to Eskild.

Much love, the Andyax team.

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