Girl street performer slams Bass like a pro
Girl street performer slams Bass like a pro
Girl street performer slams Bass like a pro

Girl street performer slams Bass like a pro - BahamuTheGuardian

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Judges Suspect She Lip Sync & Demand her to Stop. What She Did Shock The Judges.

English Translation More Vidoes: Incredible Child Singer EVER ! 8 Years Old ! 12Yrs Old Stutterer Boy Audition Perform Micheal Jackson Best Dance Imitation !!! Stun The Judges! I Was Touched listen to Him Sing !!!

Subway jam session - wait for the passenger freestyle!

Kiddo Kat Heidi Joubert Ozzy Lino (random guy) Love the positive vibes! Prince - Kiss (Cover) (and of course Tom Jones) You don't have to be rich to be my girl...

Ed Sheeran before he was famous - Street performing

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A Little Girl Gives Coins To A Street Musician And Gets The Best Surprise In Return

All the answers you want are in the 16,000+ comments posted below the video. Look there for your answers. I will say I DO NOT make any money on this video. If you look real hard you will see the conductor of this has also commented. If you find the comment or are the conductor please point it out to me or comment again explaining the video, I will pin to the top. Thanks!

Wojtek Gasiorowski, amazing bass player @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

City #22, Edinburgh. Wojtek (a.k.a. "Maximon") defies pigeonholing. He’s a gypsy groove entrepreneur, loopologist, beatboxer and resident of funky town. He's also now one of our biggest supporters, who we make an effort to watch every year. Great stuff! Support us (and get INSANELY good music from street performers) here: ABOUT THIS VIDEO SERIES: The Busking Project ( went on a journey to film the world's most talented street performers. It was an epic trip, starting in Europe and taking us through Asia, Africa and the Americas. Buskers are a group of people who are universally misunderstood, under appreciated and often criminalised....



Bass Battle on the Street with America Paz - FREE Guitar and bass lessons! Drummer - Bass (girl) Bass - SUBSCRIBE for more street performers

Strangers pick up instruments and create magic

A living proof there are so many cool people around us walking, just passing by unnoticed, that are awesome. Give them instruments, put them in a band of total strangers and what you get? A great piece of music paradise. SUBSCRIBE for more street performers. Go to for latest news and interesting stuff Go to for free online lessons and tutorials Go to to find something for your better half or yourself

Jewish men singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"

Two guys playing music after midnight, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem (July 2013). I'm a travel photographer who flips on the video function of my camera only on rare occasions -- listening to these two musicians was one of those occasions. My blog, if interested, is at

Insane street performer - "bucket boy" Matthew Pretty

Walking through the Vegas strip, and we came across an absolutely insane street performer, a bucket drummer going by the name of "Matthew Pretty" - a.k.a "bucket boy". Without commenting on Pretty's youthful good looks, he killed it in his performance. Wait for the finale starting at 9:00... To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email On Facebook: On Instagram: On Twitter: @thevivafrei On YouTube: Viva Frei Like, share and subscribe!

The Song Was Written Impossible For Human But She Nailed It. Charismatic Jane Zhang!

How she train her diva dance singing tips Jane Zhang (Dolphin Princess) is The Most Versatile Pop Singer from China also went on Oprah Show on 2010 before Simone Cowell . Recently She was appointed by Hollywood Movie Company to Sing their movie theme song. Eg: "James Bond - Spectre". She sings "Writing on The Wall" in front of Daniel Craig in A Variety Show in China for Movie Publicity and also "Fighting Shadows" Theme Song of "Terminator Genisys" and Grand Live Opening Open of Disney Land in Shang-Hai A Whole New World 2016. The song is still technically impossible for...

Amazing solo jam turns into two strangers rocking

Berel Alexander Jamming @ The Airport in New Orleans preforming "Stayin' Coastin'" This was in the summer of 2014, when I was killing some time at the airport in the Southwest Terminal. I found this relatively quiet spot around the corner from the bathrooms and setup my GoPro which captured the audio also. I didn't expect anyone to jump in and rap or give me a tip like what happened, but it was an awesome moment in time that I'm happy I captured! Since the video broke 1M views we're officially launching our #FindDwayne Campaign. He needs...