Film Theory: How Luke will DIE (Star Wars: The Last Jedi ENDING REVEALED!)
Film Theory: How Luke will DIE (Star Wars: The Last Jedi ENDING REVEALED!)
Film Theory: How Luke will DIE (Star Wars: The Last Jedi ENDING REVEALED!)

Film Theory: How Luke will DIE (Star Wars: The Last Jedi ENDING REVEALED!) - The Film Theorists

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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat. Welcome to The Film Theorists. Do you love overanalyzing movies and TV? If decoding Game of Thrones lore, dissecting the physics of Dragonball’s Kamehameha wave, or figuring out how to win the Hunger Games using Game Theory sounds appealing to you, then welcome to the community of Loyal Theorists! And when you’ve had your fill of theorizing, hop on over to Did You Know Movies, bringing you incredible facts and little-known behind the scenes moments from all your favorite big screen hits! And finally Frame by Frame, all about the ART of moviemaking and cinematography.

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We're all excited to see THE LAST JEDI, but I couldn't wait for the premiere to start overthinking things. Naturally, I began studying the trailers and the lore, and then I realized: I Know What Will Happen in The Last Jedi. That's right, Loyal Theorists, in this episode I predict the major twists that will unfold in Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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