BirdGlider, the low budget airplane
BirdGlider, the low budget airplane
BirdGlider, the low budget airplane

BirdGlider, the low budget airplane - nestofdragons

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I like to explain why weird stuff doesn't need to be bad. Sometimes they are better. Most of the time they are ...big fun! :)

Video description
BirdGlider was designed to be a tool for the men of the street to get airborne. It is a low budget airplane. It starts its life as a glider. Later you can upgrade it to a motorised ultralight.
The BirdGlider can also be used by disabled pilots. It has full hand control.
The plans are for free now. Download the files after reading the rules.

Legal Eagle Ultralight, Part 103 Legal Ultralight Aircraft, Leonard Milholland's Legal Eagle. – Legal Eagle Part 103 Legal Ultralight Aircraft by Leonard Milholland - produced in kit form by J&N Bolding Enterprises of Baytown, Texas and intended for amateur construction. The Legal Eagle is so named because it is capable of being built in legal compliance with the United States FAR 103 Ultralight Vehicles regulations, even when equipped with a four stroke engine. The Legal Eagle features an open cockpit and is powered by a 30 hp (22 kW) Half VW engine. The design features a fuselage of welded 4130 steel tubing, mated to an all-wood wing made from spruce. The struts and tail...

How It Works Flight Controls

AD FREE ANIMATIONS PLEASE SUBSCRIBE-DONATE 请订阅和捐助 This animation depicts the operation of a flight control system Please take note that some of the parts were purposely modified or simplified to demonstrate their functionality more clearly. Steve Karp Animation-illustration I can create 2D Illustration and Flash Animation • Extremely detailed photo-realistic vector-based 2-D illustration • I produce work in a wide range of styles, including hard to find, realistic vector line art • Subjects include people of either gender (any age), and portraiture, as well as hands for instructional applications, animals, landscapes, architecture, and mechanical subjects including boats, airplanes, automobiles, spacecraft, and more (including cutaways). • Unique vector-based Flash animation that have...

Aerolite 103 Ultralight Aircraft for sale $8500 Flight Demo:SOLD FOR $7500 SOLD. The Aerolite 103 is an American single seat, high-wing, pusher configuration ultralight aircraft, designed by Terry Raber The aircraft's model number indicates that it was designed to comply with the Federal Aviation Administration FAR 103 ultralight rules. The Aerolite 103 features a high wing with half-span flaps that are extended by use of an overhead bellcrank to a maximum of 40 degrees. The flight controls are three-axis and are actuated by a wheel mounted on a control column via flexible push-pull cables and conventional rudder pedals connected to the rudder by cables. The engine throttle is a twist-grip...

e Gull electric ultralight aircraft, 40 HP for less $ than a comparably powered gas engine. – Dan Johnson talks to Mark Beierle of Thundergull Aircraft about his new e Gull single seat ultralight aircraft. Power is supplied via a battery and electric motor. The unit is quite, virtually vibration free, and can be operated for just over $1.00 per hour! Mark Bierle is one of the most talented designers I have ever met. The modest, soft-spoken Californian makes a line of the best-flying and genuinely light aircraft in the USA. I've written about electric projects: Electra Flyer/others and Sonex. The newest entry involves one of my all-time favorite airplanes, the Earthstar Aircraft Gull 2000. This...

Maiden Flight of the Skyhopper Ultralight (Nov 28, 2015)

For answers to your various questions, please see for all the details -- engine, hp, cc, speed, cost, etc. And no, there are no plans or kit. Built from scratch and based on the Weedhopper Model C, this craft is the only one of its kind and features a Ceconite dacron fabric covered "hard" wing, using the NACA 43012 airfoil, and a folding horizontal stabilizer and tail group inspired by light sport designs from Kolb and Rans.

Kolb Ultralight Aircraft 1984 - Outrageous Demo Flying at Sun N Fun

Kolb Ultralight Aircraft. Raw footage of the Kolb Ultralight at the dealer flyin in with seventy other Vintage Ultralight Aircraft featured in my fully Narrated feature length DVD "The Golden Age of Ultralight Flyers". Currently on display in the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum, also in the library of Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute.

Student builds plane out of scrap in pursuit of his dream to fly

Mavivye Village (110km East of Nairobi), Kenya - June 2005 1. Steven Kilonzo driving his homemade plane through the village 2. Steven inspecting the engine 3. Woman watching 4. Close up of Steven looking at engine 5. Steven winding a screw on oil tank 6. Wide of rural area around village 7. Midshot of cows 8. Steven looking at enging 9. SOUNDBITE (English) Steven Kilonzo, Homemade Plane Builder "This is because...." 10. Steven adjusting rudder 11. Cockpit and front of plane 12. Rudder pedals moving 13. Wide of Steven testing rudder 14. Various of wings 15. Steven adjusting wheel 16. Close up of hands on wheel 17. SOUNDBITE (English) Steven Kilonzo, Homemade Plane Builder "This one...

My Homebuilt Airplane | Pilot n' Plane

Ever wonder what it's like to own, fly, and restore a homebuilt experimental airplane? Josh takes us for an in-the-cockpit look at his Pietenpol designed back in the 1920's. Buy a Pietenpol model kit: Have some General Aviation connections? Tell us about them here: Watch Josh's first solo unedited:

Home Depot ultralight aircraft, Jack Harper and his HomeDepot plans built ultralight aircraft kit! - Home Depot ultralight aircraft, Jack Harper and his plans built HomeDepot ultralight aircraft kit! Jack Harper talks to us about how he sourced his parts for this all wood ultralight aircraft from HomeDepot! Help support The Ultralight Flyer light sport and ultralight video magazine by subscribing or donating to the cause at

Rans S-12 XL Airaile For Sale! $14,500 (Eugene, Oregon)

Price reduced for QUICK SALE $14,500 (offers are considered!) More awesome photos of this aircraft: or if you like Facebook better: Interested? Contact Randy: Call 541-579-9606 Email RANS S-12XL Airaile Serial # 019600674 N3966 Electric Start 4 Stroke Generac GTH 990 50 hp 1.8 belt Re-Drive Weber 32/36 Carburetor Warp Drive 3 blade ground adjustable pitch propeller TTAF 360 hrs TT engine 43 hrs TT prop 28 hrs EIS, Dual EGTs, Dual CHTs Airspeed, rpm, oil pressure, oil temperature hour meter, slip indicator, VSI Two 9 gal wing tanks In-flight adjustable 3 position flaps In-flight elevator trim Hydraulic brakes with parking brake Full Windshield and Half Doors Adjustable seats, shoulder and lap belts Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)...


Have you ever been fortunate enough to ride in a seaplane? Here is our list of 10 amazing amphibious aircraft & seaplanes. POPULAR PLAYLISTS 💥 AMAZING FUTURISTIC VEHICLES CRAZY VEHICLES AWESOME SCOOTERS, MOTORBIKES and E BIKES Most Recent Upload 👈 Subscribe to our new channel! 💡 Minds Eye Media 📢 Want cool gadgets for your vehicle, home or office? 👈 Visit our sponsor @ Featured Amphibious Aircraft ⭐ #10 The MVP Aero Airplane #9 ICON A5 AMPHIBIOUS LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFT #8 Dornier Resurrects the Amphibious Airplane Seastar #7 Osprey Osprey 2 #6 SEAWIND 300C #5 SEAMAX M-22 #4 VIKING TWIN OTTER 400S #3 ShinMaywa US-2 #2 LISA AIRPLANES AKOYA #1 Consolidated PBY Catalina Royalty Free Music 🎧 A Himitsu...

BirdGlider- report of Aero Expo 2015

After four days expo in Friedrichshafen, Germany, i am able to talk about my experiences there. The remarks i got i am taking in count now and the ones i will never take in count. But ...let me tell you why i am sometimes stubborn about some ideas. You will understand. BirdGlider is for the men of the street. That is my goal. Able to fly ...not much more. Later more video about the other airplanes i likes on the expo. From Horten IV through Bulldog autogyro to Fregata.

Amphibious Ultralight Takeoff, Low Flying over Limassol and Water Landing - A Flying Boat!

Join us in a Ramphos 582 Amphibious Microlight/Ultralight aircraft as ultralight pilot Micle starts up the aircraft's Rotax engine, taxis on water, sets full power and takes off into the blue sky of Cyprus! Enjoy a scenic view of Limassol city as we fly low next to roads, buildings, resorts, hotels, beaches and swimming pools with people waving at us! Then enjoy the thrill of landing on water from three different views! (onboard view, wing view, plane spotter view) If you'd like to see more similar videos, then please make sure you click on the "subscribe" button. It only takes a...

Legal Eagle Ultralight - 12 Ultralight Aircraft that give the biggest bang for the buck! -- Legal Eagle - 12 Ultralight Aircraft that give the biggest bang for the buck! Coming in at # 10 on our list of ultralight aircraft that give you the biggest bang for your buck is the Legal Eagle. The Legal Eagle which was designed by Leonard Milholland is single seat, high wing, ultralight aircraft first introduced to the U.S. market at Sun N Fun in 1998. The name Legal Eagle came about when Leonard weighted the plane and it came in at 10 lbs less than the 254 lbs weight limit for the U.S. - thus "this Eagle is...

My flight in a powered hang glider

Here I bring you a different video, but I decided to upload it because it was an amazing experience. This hang glider has a boxer 4 cylinder engine with 80 HP. The flight spend about 20 minutes, and it was arround Sevlievo (Bulgaria). Right now I´m in Sofia, and I hope to upload more car videos, so don´t worry ;)

Ignition Failure Caused By Connection Fault at 2000ft - 20 miles From Home

EDIT 7/14/2015: I FOUND THE CAUSE of the failure. It was NOT the ignition system itself, it was one of the two wire terminals which lead to one of the ignition coils which actually broke. The wire has a spade type terminal on it. This terminal physically broke in two due to vibration. So nothing on the ignition or the engine failed at all! Technically speaking, it was incorrect installation, because this wire was not secured properly within a couple inches of it's connection, and ALL wires will fail eventually due to vibration if not secured properly! My Hirth 3202...

Skydock ultralight aircraft from Belite Aircraft funded by KickStart. – Skydock ultralight aircraft from Belite Aircraft funded by KickStart. The SkyDock features lighter weight, lower cost, and a simpler design that sets a new standard for efficient ultralight Part 103 aircraft. Yes, you can follow your dreams and connect to the sky with Belite’s new SkyDock. We’ve listened to your concerns about price, build time and ease of construction. The SkyDock offers Part 103 legal ultralight flying at an affordable price without sacrificing performance or the technology that is a part of the Belite reputation. The SkyDock is made from precision CNC cut wood, foam and aluminum. No...