Amazon Echo Commercial featuring Alexa Jones
Amazon Echo Commercial featuring Alexa Jones
Amazon Echo Commercial featuring Alexa Jones

Amazon Echo Commercial featuring Alexa Jones - Mike Toomey

Mike Toomey
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The new Amazon Echo now features your personal assistant, Alexa Jones

Introducing Amazon Slav

Introducing Amazon Slav Subscribe Here: Visit My Channel Here: Twitter: @MattGotWood Songs sources: 0:37 Moskau by Dschinghis Khan (1979) 2:07 Red Alert 3 - Soviet March metal cover 2:17 Cheeki Breeki Hardbass

Is This The Greatest Alex Jones Meme Yet?

Alex Jones premiers Place Boing's new Infowars inspired video, perhaps the greatest meme of all time. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: Follow Alex on TWITTER - Like Alex on FACEBOOK - Infowars on G+ - :Web: :Subscribe and share your login with 20 friends: Visit to get the products Alex Jones and his family trust, while supporting the growth of our expanding media operation. [] Biome Defense™ [] Bio-True Selenium™ [] Vitamin Mineral Fusion™ [] Joint Formula™ [] Anthroplex™ [] Living Defense™ []...

Amazon Echo - SNL

The Amazon Echo Silver is specifically designed for the greatest generation (Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant). Get more SNL: Full Episodes: Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr: SNL Instagram: SNL Pinterest:

The Truth Behind Amazon Echo

It's the truth behind Amazon Echo! (Warning: The Geek Factor in this video is set to HIGH) Also: this is not a review, it's a demonstration to show how the Echo interacts verbally (with a comparison to Siri). There are a lot of very good product reviews of Echo on YouTube, just search for "Amazon Echo Review." This was made and posted to YouTube back when the Amazon Echo first came out (over 2 years ago), and at the time there was no conspiracy buzz going on about them. The honest and innocent point to the video is that it is a...

Amazon Echo: Big Shaq Voice DLC

Amazon showcases their latest innovation in voice technology Twitter: Facebook page: Always plug merch link in bio: Soundcloud: Reddit: Join my Facebook meme group: My Discord server: Support my meme-ery: Big thanks to my patrons: BeeBeeEight Jack Danks Jezzinka Patrick Hendricks Sudofox Eltrix slipstream kewldude007 Mat Remillard Fluuk samps SHM Gaming Paul Girard Rockstad Mark Goodluck88 Cinnamaldehyde The Otaku Geeks BearyPunny Gregor Autengruberr Brytanya Le Naro Boberry Viowolf Greg Paris West Felix The Reffles Travis Fonseca Kakashi32 Ruben Brackman Mitchell Eden Suemeng Billy Khang AppelTV Kakashi32 shadow173 Crazymix69 Stan Dekoster Stan Smith Zod Karimto

Introducing the all-new Echo Dot

Echo Dot, now only $49.99, is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses the same far-field voice recognition as Amazon Echo. Through its built in speaker or by connecting to your own speakers via bluetooth or wired connection, Dot uses the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. #JustAsk

Pawn Star Rick Harrison Comes Out Of The Closet & Annihilates Barack Obama's Legacy(VIDEO)!

Pawn Star Rick Harrison comes out of the closet & annihilates Barack Obama's legacy. The Obama administration may be out of office, but Gold and Silver Pawn Shop owner Rick Harrison said right now business in the U.S. is “literally a nightmare”

Average American vs Average European (2017) - How Do They Compare? - People Comparison

Who makes more money? Who lives longer? How much vacation does each have? How much in debt does each go for their education? We thought it would be fun to see how equal, in some respects at least, the modern US citizen is now with the modern EU citizen, in this comparison of The Infographics Show, The Average American vs. The Average European. ⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐ WEBSITE (You can suggest a topic): SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► CHAT: DISCORD.....► SOCIAL: Facebook...► Instagram..► Twitter........► Subreddit...► -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode: 2017

Amazon Echo Memes

Introducing Amazon Echo Memes. 4 in 1 special Main Channel ► Had a few ideas after watching through some Amazon commercials, but didn't think they were paticularly good by themselves so decided to put them all in the same vid, it balances out right? Sources: Amazon Alexa Playlist: iDubbbz spongebob onesie: Shirts ► Twitter ► Reddit ►

CANNOT believe Ram Trucks did THIS! **disgusting** (Fan Suggested Commercial Review)

Thanks for watching, I really hope you thought it was neato! In today's commercial review I've be taking on Ram Trucks, FedEx, Fruit of the Loom, Kia Soul, and uh.. Coca Cola, yep. Subscribe to my channel: More Commercial Reviews: Honda ROASTS Chevy! ► PROOF Chevy is LYING! Exposed! ► Volvo Trucks Dirty Secret! ► CHEVY EXPOSED ► CHEVY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS! ► FORD CAUGHT LYING! ► Check out some more of my hilarious (eh, pretty good) comedy videos: Commercial Review ►► If it Were Real Life ►►

Famous People Who Destroyed Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds

If you're new, Subscribe! → While most ordinary people may be given a second chance after making a mistake, some famous folks were axed or demoted after their split-second bad choices and scandalous behavior. From Brian Williams to Paula Deen, here are the stars whose careers went up in flames in just a few moments... Brian Williams | 0:18 Anthony Weiner | 1:40 Giuliana Rancic | 2:58 Eliot Spitzer | 3:40 Billy Bush | 4:48 John Edwards | 5:46 Milo Yiannopoulos | 7:23 Paula Deen | 8:47 Read more here → Scandals TV Commercials That Were Pulled Off the Air Almost Immediately Dark Secrets The Cast Of Empire Tried To...

How to blow $120 MILLION DOLLARS in one year!

Part of me laments the fact that I dont have more time to debunk all the junk science and bogus kickstarters out there. Part of me is happy though, cos honestly I think if thats all I did, I would be crazy like a fox within the year! If you want to support this channel:

The Untold Truth of Shark Tank

The Untold Truth of Shark Tank.. In this video we go over some things that you most likely did not know about shark tank. For more shark tank content be sure to subscribe to Screen Hub! Thanks for watching this video: "The Untold Truth of Shark Tank"

Amazon Echo Dot Top 5 Uses

***6 Month Update Review*** In this video i go over 5 practical uses for amazon's Alexa. This was our first ever video so congrats on sitting through this painful video :) Feel free to check out our other, better, Echo Dot videos: 3:00 alexa in action 7:05 alexa outdoor demonstration Amazon Echo Dot: Danger Storm Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License