20 Photos of Animals Hidden in Plain Sight
20 Photos of Animals Hidden in Plain Sight
20 Photos of Animals Hidden in Plain Sight

20 Photos of Animals Hidden in Plain Sight - Talltanic

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Video description
Can you find all 20 animals hiding in these photos? Nature hold the greatest masters of disguise from a house cat to the wolf spider.

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11. Nighthawk
Nighthawks are beautiful long winged birds and are a treat to the eyes, that is if you can spot him! Their dark colored wings are made to resemble bark on a tree and the color of their feathers makes them quite difficult to spot during the day time. They are more active at night than most early birds, hints the name, but you can see this one awake during the day walking around the rocky ground.

10. Caiman Lizard
Caiman lizards are most commonly found in freshwater deposits in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru  but you might have trouble finding this one. They often eat things like snails but are also hunted by humans for their leather. Their skin makes it difficult to spot when there are green aquatic plants in the area, but you can still see his eye popping out on the left side of the screen.

9. Striped Walking Stick
One species of insect that lives on narrow green leaves are known as the striped walking stick. You don’t want to mistake these for caterpillars even though it might look like it! It blends in extremely well with its environment and this helps protect them from birds trying to eat them! These guys will take every advantage they can get to help them stay alive! The white stripes on them might help you spot it in this photo!

8. Leaf Bug
Your face is right in front of an insect and you better watch out! Ok luckily it’s just on your screen but this bug is so well camouflaged, you needed to be warned! Bugs shaped like leaves have a better chance of surviving in nature and therefore have a better chance of reproducing and making other leaf like bugs! If you’re able to spot the antennas then you found yourself a leaf bug!

7. Giant Leaf Tailed Gecko
Luckily, animals that are well camouflaged don’t tend to run away as quickly as least in this case. It make it much easier to take a photo of them, but that doesn’t always mean it’ll be easy to find them. This photo here was taken by a biology student in Madagascar. The leather of this lizard blends extremely well with the color of the bark. It would be sure to spook some people out if you didn’t notice it until it was right in front of your face!

6. Canyon Tree Frogs
These amphibians spend much of their time on land as well as in the water so they have to find a way to match the color of their surroundings on land. The canyon treefrog has colored and patterned skin to match the rocks along the creeks where they live. They can also hunch into a ball so they can just appear to look like a rock! Luckily no one eats rocks, so this guy has a good scheme going on.

5. Black Cats
Here we see some decorative statues of black cats at someone's home. Many people think black cats might bring bad luck so you have to wonder if this might be a witch’s house or something! Hold on a second, are one of these statues actually alive! Turns out, their form of camouflage is pretending they're a statute.

4. Wolf Spiders
Wolf spiders are one of the most dangerous species of spiders and are normally found in sandy regions. Can you imagine bending over to tie your shoe and see this thing looking you in the eyes with its multiple eyes?! This was actually discovered near fraser river outside of Vancouver! So look out for creepy spiders next time you head north of the border!

3. Caterpillars
Caterpillars are often sought after as a tasty treat by many animals out there. They seem like easy targets because they can’t move too quickly. This one here doesn’t want to become anyone’s next snack and blends in well with this leaf! This one is quite well at avoiding attention from unwanted predators, even if it’s in plain.

2. Sidewinding Adder
This venomous species of viper is most commonly found in Namibia as well as southern Angola. This small snake only reaches a size of about 10 inches. No one is going to eat this thing so it doesn’t use it’s camouflage to hide from predators. It likes to bury its body under sand and strike unsuspecting geckos, injecting them with their venom!

You’re probably not going to want to swim in these waters any time soon! Crocodiles are excellent at hiding themselves in the murky, green waters of various locations around the world. When they want to be extra sneak and stalk their prey, they can stick out their large eyes from the water and spy on their prey. It’s hard to believe sometimes that such large creatures can be so good at hiding themselves. So you better watch out next time you decide to take a swim at a swamp in Australia or Africa, cause these things will getcha!

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