14 Unbelievable Animals Who Adopted Other Animals
14 Unbelievable Animals Who Adopted Other Animals
14 Unbelievable Animals Who Adopted Other Animals

14 Unbelievable Animals Who Adopted Other Animals - Talltanic

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You won't believe these 14 heartwarming true stories about animals that adopt other animals, it incredible how caring they are.

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# 10 Dog and the Monkey
When an orphaned baby monkey was the victim of bullying at the hands of other monkeys at a zoo in China, zookeepers introduced a dog named Sai Hu to keep the monkey company and to protect him. The two became friends and apparently the baby monkey takes rides around on Sai Hu’s backs.

# 9 Dog and Lion Cubs
Three white lion cubs born at the Hangzhou Zoo in China have chosen a dog to be their new adoptive mother. The cubs, born in late April were abandoned by their mother and are now being breastfed by a dog together with a Siberian Tiger Cub at the Zoo. The Zoo decided to use a dog to feed these lion cubs in an effort to minimize human interaction with the cubs, as the goal is to reintroduce the Lions to their own kind eventually.

# 8 Boxer and Piglet
After the Tabitha the Pig was found on the side of a road, the founder of the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, Britain took her in, to nurse her back to health. Their owner had a 5-year-old boxer named Susie who fell in love with the baby pig. While the piglet is no longer a baby, the two will still happily play together and run around racing.

# 7 Rhesus Macaque Monkey and his Puppy
This monkey in Southern India has adopted himself a homeless puppy. The Rhesus Macaque Monkey has taken the abandoned dog under its wing and are now essentially inseparable. They have been seen all over the city by locals with each other, often with the Monkey carrying the puppy in his arms. He’s been seen feeding his puppy grapes and milk and will even defend his puppy against other dogs.

# 6 Owlet Adopted by Dog
Torque is a hunting dog who would have traionally hunted down a bird like Shrek, the baby owl but the two have become great friends. Shrek was taken from the Ringwood Raptor and Reptile Center in the UK and introduced to what would become her new friend and adoptive mother, Torque the dog. Now the two play together and will even watch TV as they relax and cuddle up to each other.

# 5 Elie the dog and her Rabbits
Elie is a four-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is not only the pet dog to her humans but has pets of her own. When Elie’s person discovered a nest of baby bunnies in her garden in Sussex, she also noticed that their mother was dead nearby. She brought the bunnies into her home, and Elie immediately took them underneath her paw. Elie’s breed of dog has traionally been bred for hunting, so it’s truly unusual for her to be so keen on these rabbits.

# 4 Cat Adopts Squirrel
A married couple in Mississippi organized a group called TAILS - Taking Animals Into Loving Shelters and that includes an abandoned baby squirrel they saved, which joined their pet cat’s litter of kittens. The cat treated the squirrel as her own child, nursing it and letting it cuddle up with her. As it walks around, she guides and even protects it from foreign hands and reins it in if it strays too far. In a video that currently has more than 10 million views, it seems the squirrel has even learned how to purr.  

# 3 Dalmatian and Lambs
This baby lamb was abandoned by his mother and came stumbling into the life of Zoe, the Dalmatian. Either Zoe has a very caring heart, or she saw the lamb’s dalmatian-like pattern and found a kindred spirit. Now Zoe has cleaned and licked the lamb and even tried to nurse the lamb. An Animal Behavior Expert, Dr. Susan Hazel at the University of Adelaide, said that the pattern of the lamb may have no bearing on this adoptive family, the dog is probably very aware that she is taking care of a lamb and it may just be a pure act of animal compassion.

# 2 Tiger and Piglets
The Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand is known for having one of the world’s most successful Tiger Breeding programs in the world, and also offers circus-like carnival shows and exhibits. That is where this image comes from of piglets dressed as tigers in the same cage as a tiger living peacefully. The Sriracha Tiger Zoo intentionally raised this tiger as a cub with a litter of piglets and a pig mother so that when it got older, it could interact with other pigs without any violence. The Zoo will put pigs in with this Tiger for visitors to come gawk at since it’s not exactly an everyday sight.

# 1 Mabel the Hen and her Puppies
Mabel is a hen from the UK who seems to think of herself as just one of the dogs since she has adopted a litter of puppies and claims them as her own. The puppies are in no way orphans, as they all live with their mother, but the Hen sits on them to keep them warm nonetheless. Mabel is a rescue hen and has a disability with her foot, so her family keeps them inside the house. While the puppies’ mother is out and about in the yard, Mabel takes it upon herself to keep her babies safe and comfy as if she was sitting on her own chicks.

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