13 Smallest Animals In The World
13 Smallest Animals In The World
13 Smallest Animals In The World

13 Smallest Animals In The World - Talltanic

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Aww, small animals are so cute! Check out this adorable list of the worlds tiniest little animals!

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6 - Speckled Padloper Tortoise
Also known as the speckled cape tortoise is the world's tiniest turtle, you can find them inside South Africa. These little critters usually measure between six to ten centimeters in length and weigh around 95 to 165 grams. These little guys are most active in early mornings and live in rocky terrain usually feeding on small succulents which grow in between the rocks. Their babies are usually born under seven grams and are only 30 millimeters long, the hatchlings emerge from their shells between 100 and 120 days.

5 - Spaghetti Snake
This charming reptilian can most commonly be located inside the Caribbean Islands native to Barbados and are said to be about as thick as a spaghetti noodle, hence their super cute namesake. This tiny member of the snake species called the blind threadsnake, they usually only grow to be about four inches in length and coil easily onto the width of an American quarter. The biologist who discovered this adorable reptile was S. Blair Hedges of the Pennsylvania State University who unearthed the tiny find from the soil of Barbados where they burrow in the forest dirt for their favourite meal, insect larvae. Though these snakes are blind, teeny tiny and lay just one egg at a time, they have managed to survive in the harsh wilderness of Barbados forests, proving once and for all that big things really do come in small packages.

4 - The Philippine Tarsier
These little guys are some of the world's smallest primates, they are known for being jittery and shy. These marvels of the modern world have grey fur and have a nearly naked tail, head and body length only stretch to about 115 to 150 millimeters and weigh an approximate 110 to 145 grams. These Philippine-born critters are best characterised by their gigantic eyes, slender legs and fingers and jumping prowess, they can hop up to twenty whole feet, which is pretty darn impressive for such little guys. These miniature Tarsiers also have a very distinct neck, they have specially evolved vertebrates which allow them to turn their heads to nearly 180 degrees, making for the cutest exorcist movie ever!

3 - Denise's Pygmy Seahorse
Look carefully, can you spot the little adorable horse of the sea? This adorable little miniature seahorse can be found in the Pacific ocean, most commonly on the Western side, they are sometimes referred to as the yellow pygmy seahorse with a standard tiny size of around two and a half centimeters. These teeny-weeny creatures have short snouts, slender smooth bodies and a prehensile tail. These little darlings are most commonly found at depths between 13 and 100 meters below sea level usually hidden inside fields of sea fans. The male is the one who gets pregnant and broods the eggs inside its ventral brood pouch and utilises adaptive camouflage, changing it's color from yellow, to orange and sometimes to pink in order to remain not eaten by predators.

2 - Dwarf Three-Toed Jerboa
This amazing tiny wonder is hailed as the smallest rodent in the world and also, the cutest. This teeny weeny rodent grows to be an average of about 1 and a half inches in head and body length with the tail stretching an approximate 3 inches, these adorable critters usually weigh around 3.75 grams. These critters can be found in Pakistan and Afghanistan frequenting sand dunes, gravel flats and sandy plains in hot deserts. These cute little guys are best known for their long hops and magnificent balance thanks to their long tails. These cute fellas tend to live inside burrows under small bushes and feed on wind blown seeds and scattered leaves.  

1 - Pygmy Mouse Lemur
Get ready for an absolute cuteness overload ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the world's smallest species of lemur, the pygmy mouse lemur. This adorable little guy is only approximately five inches long and weighs a microscopic two ounces. These tiny little adorable creatures were discovered in the year of 1993 along the forested areas of Madagascar, These nocturnal primates prefer deciduous forests and are usually brown and white in color, they have long tails which they use to hang from trees and look even more adorable than usual. Oh man, just look at this one, he's sticking out his tongue, ah! So cute!

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